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10 Important Soccer Instructions

Soccer instructions must be conveyed by the coaches in a very effective manner so that the players could pay heed to the same and follow that. Following are some of the most important things that every soccer coach must teach the players of his team.

1. The coach must encourage the players to take the game seriously, but they must follow all the rules religiously while playing. Any attempt to foul play must be discouraged. Everything might be fair in love and war, but there are certain rules that you have to follow in soccer.

2. It is the coach’s duty to train the players how to maintain their cool and calm in the adverse situations.

3. You must have to check if the players are following all the rules, but at the same time, you also need to support and encourage the players not only when they play well, but also when they play bad and lose games. You have to be there with them at all times.

4. The players must respect their coaches, and should maintain the dignity of the game at all times.

5. The coach should train the players in a way that when they are playing the game in the field, they must know their position very well. It is not good to just run behind the ball. Each and every player must be aware of his duties and responsibilities.

6. When a player from the opponent team steals the ball from your possession, you should be the first person on defense and should give the ball an instant chase.

7. As a player, if you want to be a good ball handler, you must make sure that you pass the ball to another player of your team much before you are put into trouble from the opponent team.

8. The coaches must teach the players the effective technique to strike the ball so that even the smaller players could effectively strike the ball at a good distance.

9. The players must be able to shoot sharply and accurately when they get an opportunity to score a goal. Obviously, this is the most important moment of the game and the no player would like to miss this opportunity.

10. The coaches must have a “you can do it” attitude with all the players.

Overall, when soccer instructions are conveyed effectively, it can make the winning difference for a team.

Andre Botelho is a recognized authority on the subject of soccer instructions.
His web site, Teaching Youth Soccer Coaching Drills, provides a wealth of informative soccer articles,
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