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A Little League Baseball Rulebook

I recently attended the L.L. World Series in Williamsport PA and could describe my experience in one word inspiring. The idea of being surrounded by people and kids from around the globe participatingin Americas pastime, Baseball. However, it is no longer and probably never was just Americas past time, but the entire worlds!

Upon arriving I immediately came across people trading lapel pins, die struck enamel, photo etch enamel, promotional pins...Little League baseball pins. Children and adults from the United States trading with others from Japan, Taiwan and even Saudi Arabia. They carried portfolios around with hundreds of baseball lapel pins from years of collecting, I'm sure.

I noticed one particular boy telling the other that the pin in question to be traded was last years most popular pin and would require a trade of 4 pins to receive his one. They agreed and the trade was completed. Both boys were happy and they moved on to the next person for another possible pin trade.

Vendors were on site offering manufacturing of these enamel pins and the prices were very inexpensive, one in particular was B2 Promotions the web site is the other was lapel pins and badges They have been producing pins for over 20 years.

This type of lapel pin interest at the World Series lasted the entire week of the games and looked as though this was the main reason these kids attended Williamsport! not for baseball but for pin trading. Imagine that, maybe Americas favorite pastime is not Baseball maybe it's lapel pin trading!

Cherie, mother of three!

Cherie Brown, Mother of three children and enjoys spending every moment with them and all of their activities!