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Aau Basketball Youth Leagues

I have coached some extremely talented girls basketball players. I coached a group of 14 year old players that had already won the AAU national championship twice. They were some studs. Out of that group of young ladies 5 went to Division 1 schools on basketball scholarships. And 2 of those were SEC schools. Not to downgrade the talent of the young ladies. But I learned some hard lessons while coaching them of what being good so early and people constantly telling you that you are good can do to a player.

They believe what they hear.

After being told over and over again how good they are. They will begin to believe it. Then when someone with more experience comes in and tells them that they have things to work on. They don't believe you.

They're parents believe what they hear.

The parents begin to believe the hype too. Then they too don't want to hear that their daughter can enhance their skills more.

They stop training.

After believing that they have arrived as a player, the player will not work on their skills anymore.

They stop growing.

So if, the player stops working on the development of their skills, they will eventually stop growing. The skill of the player will level off.

The competition will outgrow them.

When the player stops growing, it gives competition an opportunity to catch up and surpass them, especially at the next level.

If you are playing basketball and notice people commenting on how good you are, don't fall in the trap of believing it and discontinuing your grow as a player.

My name is Patosha Jeffery. I've been involved in basketball as a player, coach and trainer since 1987. My skills were good enough to get me a full basketball scholarship to the University of Memphis. I've coached several young ladies that's earned basketball scholarships themselves to schools like the University of Colorado, University of Florida, Southern Mississippi, Ole Miss, Arkansas State and Florida A&M to name a few. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Sports Conditioning.

My philosophies are" To Add Value to Others through Inspiration and Participation" and "To Mentor Young Ladies through the Process of Excelling in Basketball".

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