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Arizona Fall Little League Baseball

The Cubs are finally back to playing October baseball for the first time in four years. The Cubs won the National League Central Division by holding of the Brewers down the stretch. For the Cubs, this is new territory that they have not seen in a while. They have many veterans on the team that have been here before so that should work out to their advantage. Here are some tips the Cubs can use to be successful in the playoffs.

1. Get back to scoring early and scoring often. The Cubs have a huge advantage at the top of their lineup in Alfonso Soriano. Soriano hit a Cubs record 14 home runs in September. He had 12 lead off homeruns this year which is a big advantage to starting a game. If the Cubs can keep him going and get the rest of their lineup in on the hit parade, there is no reason they should not win.

2. The Cubs have to at the very least split in Arizona. Obviously we are all hoping for a 2 game sweep in Arizona so we can go back to Wrigley with a chance to win it at home. But is this realistic? I do not think so. The Cubs are going to have to do their best to win the first game of the series so they are in control throughout this series. If they fall behind 2 games to 0 it will be a very hard struggle to come back. The Cubs need to win one in Arizona so they can get back to the electric atmosphere of Wrigley field and its playoff hungry fans.

3. Do what you have been doing all year. It is not time to change things at this point. The Cubs have been successful in playing how they know how. The Cubs need to stick to the basics and they will be successful in the playoffs. They need to get to the other team's starting pitcher early so he cannot get settled in. If the Cubs play like they have been all year (especially in September) they will have no problem in this first series.