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Atlanta Basketball Youth Program

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the worst teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). They have a considerable amount of talented player but their biggest weakness is that they do not have a great point guard to get those guys the basketball. Last year they had the opportunity to draft one of the best point guards to come to the NBA in years in Chris Paul and they did not. He ended up being rookie of the year and nearly led his team to the playoffs on his own. Fats forward to this years draft and the Hawks make the same mistake by drafting another forward rather than selecting Marcus Williams, the best pure point guard in the NBA Draft. Drafting Marcus Williams could have given the Hawks the opportunity to make the playoffs. Instead they drafted Shelden Williams a power forward. Even though Shelden Williams was a solid pick he will not provide them with the things they need to make it to the playoffs next season.

The only way the Hawks will make the playoffs is if they make some trades or a free agent pick up to get a quality guard to run the team and get their athletic guards and forwards the basketball.

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