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Basketball Weight Training Program - 7 Tips For Success!

Basketball weight training has become a critical element to a player's overall developmental program. In order for basketball players to become successful on the court, they must dedicate themselves to an effective basketball strength training program off the court.

This article will outline seven tips that all basketball players should follow when they begin to participate in a basketball strength training program. Regardless of their level of competition, players need to have guidelines they can follow in order to ensure their success.

7 Tips For A Successful Basketball Weight Training Program:

  • Diet - Eat three healthy meals per day. You cannot get stronger on a junk food diet.

  • Rest - Be sure to get a good night's sleep, plus go into your workout rested. Play basketball and shoot around after your basketball strength training workout and on days off.

    Playing and working on your fundamentals is secondary on basketball weight training days.

  • Buddy System - Work out with a buddy. Your partner can act as your spotter to insure your safety, plus working out with someone can add a little competitiveness to your basketball weight training workout.

  • Flexibility - Stretching before and after is just as important as the training itself. Injuries occur when athletes start to train before they are properly warmed up. A simple 10-minute stretching routine before and after your workout is all you need.

  • Dedication - Stick with it. Just like working on your basketball fundamentals, it is a daily thing. Results will not happen overnight.

  • Initial Soreness - There will be soreness early on. That doesn't mean stop. Stretch and work through it.

  • A Balanced Body - Work both sides of a body part to achieve balance. For example, if you work your thighs, you must also work your hamstrings or injury will occur.

If players dedicate themselves to following the seven tips listed above, they will be much more effective and successful with their basketball weight training program.

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