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Chippewa Falls Youth Football

Eau Claire - west central Wisconsin's home of clear water. Located only 90 miles east of Minneapolis and 180 miles north of Madison with a population of 60,000+, it is a place of small town charm coupled with culture, consistent economic growth and northland adventures.

Providing its residents and travelers with a vast array of entertainment and recreational opportunities, one is never at a loss for something fun to do. Home to multiple theater production venues including the historical State Theater, The Children's Theater and the legendary Fanny Hill Inn and Dinner Theater, live theater is just a ticket away.

With so many places to catch a live music show, listing them all would create a crazy long list. Eau Claire is busting at the seems with talented blues, rock, jazz, metal, folk musicians. Find venues including the Stones Throw, a serious music hot spot with shows to tempt every genre of music fan, and Woo's Pagoda, somewhat new to the live music scene; they pack the house every weekend with dance floor seekers.

Visit downtown Eau Claire each summer for the Summer Concert Series and the ever growing Farmer's Market. Both are located overlooking the beautiful Chippewa River.

Spend an afternoon at Carson Park watching a baseball game featuring the Eau Claire Bears, former team of baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron. Also hitting the Carson park ball field each season are the Express and the Cavaliers. While you're there visit the VIP section of the field for catered food, drinks and America's favorite past time.

Eau Claire's restaurants provide not only your favorite chains such as Boston's and Perkins but also gives its food seekers amazing eats from places like the Shanghai Bistro featuring a mouth watering sushi bar, and Mona Lisa's on historic Water Street with ambiance galore and the kind of fresh, ever changing menu that will have you coming back for more.

Natives to this city, such as myself, may leave to travel the globe, but they always seem to come home. When I left as an 18 year old high school graduate to climb the San Francisco peaks of Flagstaff AZ, I thought I would never come back to live in Eau Claire Wisconsin, but here I am - and seriously loving my home town. Enjoy the land of clear water, whether it is your home too, or a place you are coming for a short stay.

~ The sum of a journey equals a new perspective of home. ~ Azyh

Emmy Bill lives in Eau Claire, WI and is the owner of an on-line entertainment guide to the Chippewa Valley. You can find her website at