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Citrus Park Little League Baseball

How much money do you spend every time you go to a major league baseball game? And not just on tickets, how much do you spend on concession? This is where the stadiums really make their money. Sure, they collect quite a bit on ticket sales, but when it comes down to it concessions bring in tons of money as well. And as long as people are willing to pay the higher prices, the stadiums are always going to charge more; why wouldn’t they?

Gone are the days when you could go to the ball park and pick up a hot dog and a beer for $5 or so. You will spend just that much on one of the two. Beer sales are at an all time high, yet the prices are at a high as well. People want to have fun when they go to the ball park. For this reason they will pay for a beer or two even if the prices are getting out of control.

The only way that the prices will get lowered at the ball park is if people boycott the concessions. Do you think that this will ever happen? Chances are it won’t. There are too many people that just want to have fun, and will submit to the higher prices no matter what.

Overall, ball park food is great. It tastes good, but the price leaves something to desire. Maybe one day stadiums will start to cater more to the fun, and less to their wallet.

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