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Clear Lake Texas Little League Baseball

After finishing the 2004 season 16 games above 500, the Rangers sputtered through the 2005 season and finished 4 games below 500. They went from being a handicappers dream at +24 units in 2004 to a team that was priced about right.

The Angels look like they are going to lock up the division again. The Athletics made moves to bolster their weak hitting. These Rangers are losing Alfonso Soriano to the Washington Nationals. These Rangers are going to be in the cellar of the AL West yet again.

The Rangers have always been pretty good at home. This is a very important thing to note when handicapping the Texas Rangers. At home against non-divisional rivals, these Rangers were 66-38 (+24 units) over the past 2 seasons.

Conversely, these Rangers are not very good on the road versus non-divisional rivals.

Going back to their home field advantage, the Rangers were 21-7 in the second game of a home series if they are coming off of a win in the first game. This statistic dates back the past 2 years but has had winning seasons in 6 of the past 7 years.

As you handicap the 2006 MLB Baseball Season, make sure to focus on betting these Rangers at home in the right spots.

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