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Fairbanks Youth Soccer

Many youth soccer coaches have coached multiple seasons and they feel comfortable with their knowledge about soccer and coaching. This comfort leads them to believe they know everything they need to know about coaching soccer and they become far too complacent simply “winging it” during practice.

If you are one of these coaches, you are doing your players a great disservice because the simple fact is, your players will not learn as much if you don’t plan practice beforehand. A plan will allow you to put together a list of topics you hope to teach your team and cover as much ground as possible during the season.

Your time will be utilized to the fullest if you operate in this fashion. This will greatly increase your chances of achieving soccer coaching success as defined by two factors: 1. Did your players learn and improve their game 2. Did they have enough fun to play soccer again next season. It all comes back to your practice designs.

Considering your team is made up of kids, some of whom will have very short attention spans, a fluid practice where you move seamlessly from drill to drill will decrease the chance your players will get distracted. It will also show them that you “know what you are doing,” making it more likely that they will listen and learn.

Your kids will not have fun and will not improve if you lose control of practice and you are much more likely to get to the point of madness when you are winging it. If you plan everything out before the time arrives, practice will go much smoother and the kids will learn and love the game, and you will look like a superior coach.

I also know that not everyone has the time or the ability to plan out practice, so I have put together a book with 20 original and pre-designed soccer practice plans, made up of my most effective drills. If you are short on soccer or coaching knowledge or insanely busy, these practices can be the blueprint to your entire soccer season.

Scott Carlson has a soccer website with free resources at http://www.coachsoccer101.comYou can check out his soccer practice plan book at