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Hall of Fame Standard

Every year, there is a chance open for players to make the coveted NBA hall of fame. These players are judged by their careers and what they have done in the years as a player. Some players such as Magic were inducted even though he did not play very long because of how he dominated the game. The same can go for Bill Walton. It is said that he only averaged 13 points in his career but was inducted for the same reason. Other players make the hall of fame on the length of their career such as Karl Malone. The amount of years played allows for a chance to build up player stats such as points in career and rebounds. Since stats are important in judging whether a player can be considered for the hall of fame, longevity is important.

Many of the players today that play, dream about making the hall of fame at the end of their careers. They feel that they can make a lasting mark in history and would like to be remembered for all time. This is the ultimate goal for any player because it puts to work the achievements of everything over a course of a career. Playing is meaningless if you are not remembered which is why making the hall is something superstars try to do. Many people who do not have the skills to make the hall of fame choose not to. They continue to play understanding their limits as a player and many try to make as much money as they can.

Many greats have made the hall and some who are questionable have also. Making the hall of fame depends on the staff of writers who vote. It also depends on the people who are in ballot because it will be harder to make the hall if you are up against better players. Some people are given another chance, if they can receive enough votes and can be voted again next year. If they do not have enough votes, they can never be voted for the hall again. The hall of fame is a group of elite ball players and is something many people can find inspiration in. They know that in order to make it, they have to be extremely good at what they do. This gives motivation to players who otherwise may lack. Having made the money, and not being able to win can dampen the motivation of players alike. This is why having this system benefits everyone.

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By Jonathan T Chin