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Houston Area Youth Basketball

Rockets @ Cavaliers: If Yao Ming were playing in this game, hed be facing his realistic no-hype counterpart in Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Instead, well somehow have to settle with Tracy McGrady playing LeBron James. They both are great scorers, but they dont make their teammates better on defense. And since Houston is already slightly better on defense, they should win this one. The Houston Rockets should be a road underdog in this game and have a legitimate chance to win the game. Predicted Score: Houston wins on the road in a buzzer beater 95-92.

Pacers @ Warriors: Both teams are attempting to start a massive trade between each other involving Ron Artest. Until then, both teams must try to continue forward. Both teams need certain players to step up. Its been awhile since Jamal Tinsley had a great game scoring-wise. Mike Dunleavy is inconsistent and should take enough shots to get 17+. The Pacers will need to concentrate hard in this one because the Golden State Warriors will be ready for anything. Watch the total in this game. Predicted Score: Golden State wins 104-100

Basketball picks and predictions is never as accurate a week before game time as it is the day of the game. Injuries, odds changes, roster changes as well as motivating factors such as coming off a loss all contribute to the element of successful sports handicapping.

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