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How To Run A Youth Basketball Tournament

Educational institutions have always held a special place for young adults. This is because these institutes not only teach different subjects, but they also help build character that remains with students all their lives. Sports events, in particular, help develop strength of body and mind. The NCAA Basketball Championship is one such event that shapes individuals to face life in all its diverse forms.

The NCAA Basketball Championship began in 1939 and has since built a legacy for college basketball teams. Each spring, 65 (64 for women teams) basketball teams vie for the trophy in what is rightly termed March Madness. It is fascinating to watch youth vigor at its best in the Big Dance.

The term March Madness was coined by Brent Musburger. Originally it was used to describe the end-season basketball games played in March. It was Musburger who first used this term while describing the frenzy that grips college basketball fans and gamblers.

It is a single elimination tournament and takes place over 3 weeks at different locations across the U.S. The national semifinals, popularly known as the Final Four, have become one of the nation's most loved sports events. The Final Four refers to the last four teams that have remained in the tournament in the final weekend.

The NCAA Basketball championship has seen dynasty teams participating and has been immortalized in dramatic underdog stories. Countless films have been made about the NCAA basketball championship, which not only highlight the magnitude of the event but also the indomitable spirit that these young boys and girls possess. All the games of the tournament are covered by the CBS television network in the United States.

The selection process and tournament rankings are based on team rankings and win-loss records. It begins with the two lowest-seeded teams playing a pre-tournament game to determine which of these will enter the first round of the tournament. Known as the play-in game, it was begun in 2001 and the venue ever since has been the University of Dayton Arena, Ohio.

The tournament has used the so-called "pod" system since 2002 in which the eight first- and second-round sites are distributed in and around the four regionals. This system minimized the early-round travel of many teams.

A specially appointed selection committee decides on the 65 teams that will enter the tournament, and where they will be seeded.

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