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How Youth Build Their Basketball Shot

Most basketball players want to improve their shooting. That is good, but to reach your basketball shooting goals takes daily, specific, measurable goal setting and correct practice. For the average player it takes 20,000 correct repetitions to make your shot automatic. If you shoot 1000 correct shots each day, how many days would it take for your shot to be automatic?

The answer is 20 days or less than three weeks. If you shoot 100 correct shots each day, how many days would it take for your shot to be automatic? The answer is 200 days or almost seven months. You have a decision to make. How bad do you want it?

Shooting close to the basket, using ten lead-up shooting drills, you can shoot 1000 shots in one hour. Eight of the shooting drills are from eight feet in front of the basket and two of the drills are performed from the elbows or 16 feet from the basket. Record the shots made out of 10 attempts for each drill. Complete 10 rounds. Record the total shots made out of 100 shots for each drill. Add the totals shots made for each drill for total shots made out of 1000 shots. The goal is to complete 1000 shots in one hour.

When you are able to shoot 1000 correct shots in one hour over a twenty day period, you will be on your way to reaching your basketball shooting goals. Remember, the key to progress is daily practice.

Edited from: Wissel, Hal. (2005). Basketball Shooting: Confidence, Rhythm and Mechanics. Basketball World, Suffield, CT.

Dr. Hal Wissel has been an assistant coach with the Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies and New Jersey Nets. Hal was also Director of Player Personnel with the Nets. As a head college coach, Wissel compiled over 300 victories. Hal coached Florida Southern College to the 1981 Division II NCAA Championship.

Wissel earned his doctorate in physical education and has authored two books. Basketball: Steps to Success has been translated into seven languages. Becoming a Basketball Player has been made into five videos. Dr. Wissel has produced two DVDs, Basketball Shooting: Confidence, Rhythm and Mechanics, and Basketball Shooting: Off the Pass, Off the Dribble and In the Post.

Coach Wissel is well known for his ability to develop players. Hal founded Basketball World, an instructional venture featuring basketball camps, clinics, books, videos and DVDs. Coach Wissel's SHOOT IT BETTER Mini Camps are conducted worldwide for players ranging from NBA to youth level. For more information, visit