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La Jolla Youth Soccer

When visiting San Diego, a stop at the charming town of La Jolla will be a highlight of your vacation. The origin of the name La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) is the subject of ongoing debate. Some people believe that the name came from Spanish word “la joya” meaning “jewel” and the others claim that then name comes from Native American word with the same pronunciation which means cave. Either way, one can see where the name came from. The sparkling Pacific Oceancreates the backdrop to this beautiful town and kayaks love to explore the many caves along the beaches. La Jolla is located 4 miles north of San Diego's Mission Bay. La Jolla is an elegant upscale coastal resort located between San Diego's cliffs and coves. The streets of La Jolla are lined with gourmet chocolatiers, designer clothes shops and top name jewelers. Tourists and residents also come here to enjoy many art galleries and quality restaurants with a Mediterranean taste.

La Jolla’s Museum of Contemporary Art occupies a prime oceanfront location. It displays works from post 1950s art and houses a bookstore, café and a sculpture garden.

La Jolla is also a home to the University of California at San Diego and famous Salk Institute for Biological Studies founded in 1960, by Jonas Salk who discovered the polio vaccine. Birch Aquarium at Scrippsis also located in La Jolla, and provides insight into the fascinating world of oceanography, simulated deep sea diving and interactive displays.

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