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Little League Baseball Field Regulations

Have you ever heard of Chris Duffy? Do you even know what team Duffy plays for? If not, you are definitely in the majority. The fact of the matter is that Duffy is a relative unknown in most areas of the world. A lot of hard core major league baseball fans may not know who he is either. But if you are a Pittsburgh Pirates fan you have definitely been keeping a watchful eye on Duffy throughout the 2006 season; and for good reason.

About halfway through the first half of the season, Duffy decided that he was going to disappear after being demoted to Triple A. Nobody heard from him for a couple of days, and people were worried that he was gone from the game for good. But luckily he was at his home trying to regroup.After rejoining the Pirates minor league organization Duffy started to show off his talent once again. Soon enough by the second half of the season Duffy was back with the major league team. Since returning to the Pirates Duffy has shown some flashes of brilliance. At his center field position he has made some great plays, and at the plate he is getting better as well. In addition, Duffy has also stolen 13 bases without getting caught; a great stat to have for a lead off hitter.

It will be interesting to see if Duffy can keep his job for the entire 2007 season. There are a lot of people that will be watching him both on and off the field.

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