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Little League Baseball Field

Alfonso Soriano is becoming one of the best players in the National League year in and year out. Not only is he getting the job done in the field, but at the plate Soriano is performing in a big way as well. The bottom line is that Soriano is a mainstay in the league, and if the Washington Nationals continue to build around him they will be in great shape for the next few years to come.

From his position in left field Soriano gets the job done every game of season. He may not be as flashy as some other guys, but Soriano has been known to make some great plays while roaming around the grounds in left field.

But even though Soriano has a great glove, his bat is really what impresses people that watch him. Soriano has an average of .294, and has also knocked 41 home runs out of the park. To take this a step further Soriano has driven in 82 runs, and stole 34 bases. If that is not a well rounded baseball player I do not know what one is!

Soriano is 30 years old meaning that he still has a few good years left in him at the least. The Nationals are going to try to keep Soriano around as long as possible so that they can have a top notch player to build around. If they can keep Soriano in town for a couple more seasons minimum, there is a good chance that they will be able to make a run at the playoffs soon enough. Nationals fans are looking forward to that day!

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