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Little League Baseball In El Paso Texas

City of El Paso lies in the U.S state of Texas. 5th largest in Texas and 22nd largest city of USA, El Paso comes second to San Diego and California if size of all US cities on the Mexico border is considered. This is the most worth visiting destination on the Mexico border. Equipped with all sorts of things of visitorís interest, this city is a complete travel destination in itself. It has all the elements to satisfy the intent of every visitor in the city.

Home to the University of Texas, El Paso is an important academic center too. This university was founded in the year 1914. This is the transformed status of Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy. Some army establishments like Fort Bliss, a major United States Army installation, can be found here too. The city is divided into two sections by the Franklin Mountains that extend into El Paso from the north. Both the sections have stunning travelers delight.

Talking of attractions, you will find plenty of them because of the rich cultural and historical heritage. Viva El Paso is the annual returning musical show which literally displays the wealthy cultural and historical aspect of the city through dance, dramatic scenes, narration and songs. The story is based on the early Indian settlement which takes you through Spanish conquest, Mexican domination and the wild South-West. McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater is the place where this musical show is performed. The massive crucifix on top of Mt. Cristo Rey is a fantastic site to be at.