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Little League Baseball World Series

The main objective for any baseball team is getting to the World Series at the end of the season. Two teams, who have beaten out all other teams in the league face off in a final few games to determine who is the best that year. It is an exciting time for be a player and a fan whose team has made it to the biggest set of games in the season. The world series which has only been around for fifty or more years, is the last five games of the season. These games played within a week are the most stressful games a player will ever have to play in. Not only are the fans of the team watching, the entire world is their to either cheer or boo everyone. If a player plays badly, his career could be over. The World Series is also the most competitive game of the season.

Getting to the World Series adds to the pressure of winning. But, this is not the end for some teams who lose. They can get there again and win. It really depends on how much a team wants victory and the kinds of conditions they are playing under. In the rain, baseball can be a very difficult game to play. Even in the heat, some players cannot perform as well as they would have if it were only a few degrees cooler. Injuries occur during the game, which are beyond anyone’s control. Players need to take care of themselves physically during the season to avoid injury. Once a player is injured, they will have to sit out. This can be frustrating to a player because they have made it to the World Series, but if they cannot play well, the team might not win the game.

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