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Ohio Little League Baseball

History of the Columbus Clippers

The Columbus Clippers is a Triple A baseball team in the International League, also in affiliation with the professional baseball team, the Yankees of New York. The Columbus Clippers are located in the Ohio town of Columbus and have been winners (7 out of 14 times) of the famous Governor’s Cup! By definition: Triple A baseball team – is a minor league team falling directly under the level of professional; International League – Triple A baseball that takes place in the Eastern United States and Canada; and the award of the Governor’s Cup – the coveted trophy awarded to the best baseball team playing in the International League.

Your Kids Will Love Them!

Parents love how involved their children can become involved with the team. There are two Columbus Clippers team mascots, LouSeal and his First Mate, Krash. They keep the fans (old and young) entertained fully at the game and encourage children participation in the Columbus Clippers game. Your kids will feel welcome with the Columbus Clippers, whether they become involved in all of the activities offered throughout the year or none of them (outside sharing nachos with their mom or dad).

Mascots of the Columbus Clippers

LouSeal is the Clippers 4,000 lb seal mascot! He is a vibrant fan of all that America’s pastime has to offer. Krash (LouSeal’s First Mate) is a 6’2” tall parrot who plays with LouSeal throughout the year. When the Clippers are traveling around the International League trying to fend for their Governor’s Cup award, the two mascots can be found at private special events and non profit charity functions. You can even invite them to yours!

Bucky’s MVP Club for Kids

For a small annual fee of $15, your children will be treated as Clippers MVPs. This membership club for kids is full of kid friendly benefits that your children will find exciting and as attention grabbing as the Columbus Clippers baseball game, itself! Columbus Clippers baseball clinics are also offered to children at Cooper Stadium. These clinics cover activities, such as fielding, hitting, and pitching. Kids will also enjoy autograph parties and photograph sessions. As MVP member of Bucky’s MVP Club, your child(ren) will be put in the lottery of becoming the next Clippers’ “Kid of the Game”.

Clippers' Birthday Bash

One of the most thrilling activities offered to your children is the Clippers baseball birthday party in Cooper Stadium. The party will take place one-hour before the game starts and offers a wide array of fun and entertainment for your kid and his/her friends. Your child will have his/her name up in lights on the score board; the entire birthday party will have tickets to the game; all you can eat supply of popcorn; hot dogs for the meal; an ice cream cake; and a special birthday gift from the Clippers. If you want to spend just a few dollars more, the party will include pizza, an autographed baseball, and box seats for the whole party!

If your children are fans of baseball and of the Clippers, they will love to be a part of these kid activities. Give your kids the opportunity to be a part of the Clippers kid fan fun!

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