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Olympic Games And Olympic Truce

Olympic Games were born in ancient Greece. Every four years, during summer time, athletes from all over Greece gathered in Olympia, which is in Peloponese, to take part in Olympic Games. Only Greek men could participate and the winners gained a wreath of olive tree leaves and glory. It is an important fact that has to be mentioned that in ancient Greece during the period of Olympic Games all wars and disputes had to stop. It was the only time in history that Olympic Games were actually accompanied by real Olympic Truce. The end of Olympic Games came when the Christian religion prevailed in the Greek mainland.

Back 1896 a revival of Olympic games took place. The 1896 Olympic Games in Athens have been the first Olympic Games in modern times. But the Olympic Spirit has by that time become worldwide, and as a result the Olympic Games have become international. In the years that followed many countries undertook the organization of the summer Olympic Games, England, Italy, Germany, USA, Russia, Mexico, Spain. That proved the internationally spread Olympic Spirt. Unfortunately nobody can claim that Olympic Truce is still combined with the games.

Olympic Games returned to their birthplace 4 years ago. Athens has hosted the 2004 Olympic Games. The organization has been successful and everyone was impressed by what, the small country that has hosted the games, has managed. Athens during the Olympic Games in August 2004 has been a colorful, vivid and happy metropolis hosting visitors from all over the world. Though governments nowadays seem incapable of respecting any kind truce, people prove that friendship and understanding cannot be divided by boarders - you could see that in case you found yourself in Athens by that time. People from different backgrounds met in Athens and strong friendships were built.

They may now be miles away one from the other, but they have memories and photos of the Olympic Games to remind them that, at least every four years, people can forget their cultural differences and be united.
Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 will succeed the Athens Olympic Games. We all hope that next year, in the biggest country that has ever hosted these games, Olympic spirt will be promoted, people will be united and Olympic Truce will become again, after 2000 years, a reality!

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