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Orlando Best Youth Basketball

Orlando is a city in central Florida and is situated in the northeast of Tampa. Though the main economy of this city focuses on aerospace and electronics industries, the presence of Disney World theme park has made this city a well-known vacation spot. Hence, along with being a trade and processing center, tourism helps to bring in the largest revenues for the city of Orlando, which is also called as "The city beautiful." The Disney World theme park is one of the main attractions of this city as it includes the EPCOT center and Animal kingdom. There are a number of other attractions such as Sea world and Universal Studios Florida. Since Orlando is a famous holiday destination, it is surrounded by luxury hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities. This city is said to have a mild climate and is home to the Magic (National Basketball Association).

Orlando is the sixth largest city of Florida and is also known to be its largest inland city. History shows that Orlando got its name in around 1836 after the death of a soldier named Orlando Reeves who died in this area during a war against the Seminole Indian tribe. This city is said to welcome around 52 million tourists every year and hence is also the second largest city in Florida for the number of hotel rooms. Orlando is located in the citrus fruit and farm area and was settled near Fort Gatlin during the Seminole war. This city is also known to have the second largest university in Florida, the University of Central Florida. Along with innumerable tourist attractions on offer, the world's largest McDonalds is also situated in this city, which is regarded as a tourist attraction too.

Apart from tourism, aerospace and electronics are the main industries in Orlando. Since this city is very close to the NASA Kennedy Space Center, it has a large manufacturing facility for aeronautical crafts and related high tech research. There are a number of computer hardware and software firms such as IBM located in this city too.

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