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Many coaches treat throw-ins as if they were a small part of the game. While you should spend very little time practicing the act of throwing the ball, it is important for your players to understand what constitutes a legal throw in, and what their priorities should be when they take one.

Especially in the defensive third of the field, maintaining possession of the ball or clearing it out of the defensive third and up the field should be the highest priority. Players should try to throw the ball to a wide-open teammate who can take possession, as long as they are not under heavy defensive pressure. If every option is covered, a throw up the line to a teammate who can likely take control or flick it further of the field is the best option.

In the deep defensive third, throwing the ball to the goalie is also an option. Emphasis possession of the ball and low risk passes that are unlikely to get stolen.

On offense, many scoring opportunities are possible during a throw ins. The combination of a quick throw and a sleeping defender is a recipe for a ripe scoring opportunity. Make sure your team understands that there is no offside on a throw in, so if the defense is caught sleeping up the field, throw it in fast and go to goal. A kid that I played with during my youth had the ability to throw the ball to the penalty spot near the goal area, and we played it like a corner kick. If you are lucky enough to have someone with this ability, utilize it!

Spending time practicing throw-ins is not necessary as long as your players perform legal throw-ins that are effective given the situation and position on the field. On defense, this means not losing the ball where it can be stole by an opponent that can easily score. When you are attacking, you can be more risky and try to throw the ball into open space and make a run or simply maintain possession and move the ball around until an opportunity develops. Get more soccer practice drills and other coaching related content

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