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Port Charlotte All Stars- Little League Baseball

If you are thinking of relocating to the south the Charlotte N.C. area is definitely a place to consider. Charlotte real estate really has something for everyone. Charlotte is located in the south central area of the state (Piedmont Region), and has the Appalachian Mountains 2 hours to the west and the sun-filled beaches 3 hours to the east.

As of 2008 it is estimated that there is 695,000 in the city limit and 900,000 residing in Mecklenburg county in Charlotte North Carolina area. Charlotte And the average price of a home is $208,000.

Charlotte also has a strong thriving economy, with at least 8 companies that are part of the fortune 500 list. Companies such as Bank of America, Duke Energy, Family Dollar, Goodrich Corporation, Nucor, Sonic Automotive, SPX Corporation, and Wachovia are just some of the Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in the area.

If you purchase some Charlotte real estate I can promise, you will never run out of things to do. Having 3 lakes for your play, Lake Norman is to the north-west Mt. Isle Lake is to the west and Lake Wylie is located to the south-west. All these lakes filter south bypassing through Duke Energys Dam which supplies Charlottes power.

The Charlotte area is full of entertainment, from Broadway plays to the thundering sound of NASCAR. Just some of the professional sport teams that the Queen City has to offer are, Charlotte Knights Baseball, Carolina Panthers Football, Charlotte Checkers Hockey, Charlotte Eagle Soccer, Charlotte Lady Eagle Soccer, Charlotte Bobcats Basketball, and NASCAR Racing. It is also home to the annual golf Wachovia Championship, and the NCAA Football Meineke Car Care Bowl. Also it has been looked at as a strong prospect for a Major League Baseball team.

Charlotte North Carolina has a thriving economy, being known to have the second largest center of financial transaction in the United States and some of the best known fortune 500 companies. This type of business environment creates opportunities for everyone. This produces a higher quality of life for the entire area.

If you are looking to buy some Real Estate dont wait, find an agent today! A Charlotte Real Estate Agent can help simplify the buying process and put you in the house of your dreams.