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Some Interesting Facts About Baseball

Baseball is a fun game. It drives people crazy like anything.

It is considered to be one of the most popular games in America.
Here are some of the fun facts for you to know various activities that have happened in baseball.
In the baseball, a distance is measured to be 90 feet. Picture mound and home place are 60 feet, 8 inches apart from each other.

In 1997, it ended its oldest traditions. That was the first time Inter league began.

After that American league could play the National league at the time of regular season. First league is believed to be played on 12/06/97.

Babe Ruth used to wear a leaf that would be under the cap.The funny thing is that he used to change it after every two innings.

Cal Hubbard, umpire in Major league is the only one who was in both the games, baseball and football.

The baseball inventor is credited with firing the first shot, which was against civil war.The National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum was created in 1935. It was created for 100th anniversary celebration of baseball.

In one game of base ball fourteen players could hit only 14 runs. Philadelphia manager has the highest number of victories. The total number is 3755.

A All-Star game was played in the year 1993. the players from National league and American league participated in that.Out of 73 games played, 40 were won by the National league.

These were some of the facts about baseball. We shall come up with more fun facts in our forthcoming articles.

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