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Southeastern Massachusetts Youth Soccer

Coming to America Ė thatís right, David Beckham is coming to America to play soccer in Los Angeles. The greatest thing to hit soccer since Pele, David Beckham is looking to draw the type of crowds that he did for Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Soccer has become increasingly more popular in the United States over the past 10 years, with nearly 3 million children playing in youth soccer leagues across the country. Not since Pele joined the New York Cosmos in 75 has a soccer player drawn so much attention in the United States.Since the advent of the Major league soccer league in 1993 and the menís World Cup in 1994 soccer has benefited from a strong and steady increase that will either continue to grow or die on the vine with the success or failure of one Mr. David Beckham.

David, we look forward to seeing what you can do to help increase soccer awareness across the United States and who knows maybe some day your former team will come back to United States and you get a chance at redemption.

Your wife is already a tv star and both of you have a lot of history here in the States. Let's hope you can bring to this country what the rest of the world already knows. Your a great soccer player who needs to lift himself up to the level of the sport and become worldwide. Now is your chance!

Good Luck David and welcome to America!

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