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Tired of Weak Offensive Line Play in Youth Football? 4 Quick Tips

Here are 4 quick tips to improve your youth football teams offensive line play:

"Who" to block is as or more important than "How" to block for most youth football teams.

Even the greatest block on the wrong player can result in football plays that go for losses.

On the other hand, many times even a poorly executed block on the right player can impede the defender long enough for your team to get a descent gain out of the play.

Some things to consider:

1) In order for your team to effectively block the right player on each play, you must have a simple and sound blocking scheme and rules. Our blocking rule on most plays is GOD, inside gap, "on", unconditional down. The player looks to the inside gap first, if no one is there, they look to "on". if no one is there, they move to an unconditional down block.

2) You must teach the scheme to the players in a fashion they can understand it and where it becomes second nature to them. We do lots of first two step and freeze drills. Also assign our best coach to the offensive line.

3) Your offense must take the time during practice to make sure that every play is run perfectly. Make sure the correct player is being blocked every play and with proper first steps and head placement using methods like "birddogging" and fit and freezing. These methods include the offensive line taking steps on your count 1-2-3-4 and "fitting" on the defender he is to block. This is a slow motion drill, not live scrimmaging.

4) Technique is important too, but "Who" to block is often the most neglected area with most youth football teams.

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