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Swimming, one of the most popular activities in the country, is a healthy active way to spend your time. More and more people are visiting water parks, lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Over the past century the quality of the recreational water has improved a lot.

The human body is composed of water, and has a similar density ( 70% of the body is water). Most people are swimming for recreation. It is a good way to exercise and relax also. More and more people have pools. Swimming pools are as popular as lakes, beaches, rivers, and sometimes, creeks.

A number of people enter the water and swim as part of their work. Swimming is also used to rescue other people who cannot swim or have problems within the water. Recently swimming has become a professional sport as well. An important issue is the swimming resistance, the way the body is held and moves in the water. Everyone has his own technique and tries to improve it by practicing regularly. When we decide to learn to swim it is important to do it with a couch because he can teach us the right way to do it. Swimming reduces the effects of stress. Swimming is not a sport that makes you loose weight because it is limited and even in cold water burns more calories to maintain the body temperature to a normal limit.

Swimming exercises almost all muscles in the body. The arms and upper body are exercised more than the legs. Swimming is good for improving the circulation. It is also considered a sport with a low risk of injuries.

Men's swimsuits can be one-piece or the body skins( whole body swimsuits for competitive swimming). Women's swimsuits are generally either one-piece or bikinis. Another option would be more conservative than a bikini but still not a one-piece.

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