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Wisconsin Youth Basketball Camps

Want to learn to shoot a Basketball? Here are four "C's" for good shooting.

Correctness and Consistency (What you do)

Concentration and Confidence (What you think)


Focus your eyes on the rim - front, back middle does not matter - just focus.

Follow through in important on any type of shot.

Put good arch on the ball. It makes the hoop bigger and will soften your shot.

Your shot should have a soft back spin - about three turns for a free throw.

Always use the backboard consistently and not more than necessary.

Learn to shoot layups with either hand.

Pick a spot on the court and get deadly from there. Then pick another.

Develop one unstoppable offensive move. Master it and get another.

Always fake the defense into a position so you can take our favorite shot.

Never hesitate to take a good shot - unless a teammate has a better scoring position.


Hand position on the Ball

Index finger on should be on the middle of the ball. Use the valve as a guide

Don't spread thumb too much. It tightens the wrist.

Keep our palm off the ball unless you have extremely small hands.

Your weak hand is used only for guide and control, not shooting.

Arm Position

From behind, the forearm, wrist and index finger should be basically in a straight vertical line that intersects the basket.

From the side, the wrist should be cocked back; forearm basically vertical and upper arm horizontal.

Shooting Free Throws

Position feet / foot one inch (2.5 cm) from the line.

Never leave the floor on your shot.

Become so consistent that you appear to be a machine.

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Kent Janz is the founder of RTP Sports Camps. Having coached basketball for 15 years, it was time to teach others to do the same. RTP Sports Camps is all about helping youth develop a love for sports. By the way, we are looking for coaches in your area!