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Youth Basketball Coaching

Basically, basketball coaches and players will have to sift through a myriad of websites to find answers for their particular sets of questions. The problem with many of the sites that I have investigated is that they mostly market the same basketball videos and DVDs. While they may have some good content to their sites, there is also a lot of redundancy making a lot for searchers to wade through.

When I entered the basketball coaching market, I wanted a niche that wasn’t being addressed in the same way, over and over. The segment that needs the most help is the new and lesser experienced youth basketball coaches and players. Because I teach differently than other coaches, my focus niche is to bring to novice coaches and players my own original material. These are things that I have successfully taught all over the world (I conveniently left out the unsuccessful stuff).

I learned early on in my coaching career to pay attention to details in teaching my players strong basketball fundamentals and to play good and tenacious defense. This was to become my hallmark throughout my coaching career.

This attention to teaching the details of basic basketball play for the individual player, while weaving this into team play, and my heavy emphasis on teaching defense, is what I bring to the marketplace. All of this is brought together in my philosophy of teaching Basketball On A Triangle—the sides of the triangle being defense and fundamentals, with the base being discipline.

First, I wrote a book, "Coaching Youth Basketball--Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing", which included everything I teach about the individual game. It’s now broken down into about 14 different e-Books, complete with all the detailed information I use in my teaching, along with hundreds of pictures and diagrams to clarify my teaching points.

Next, I took the book, and faithfully following every chapter and detail, created a basketball coaching DVD, which was filmed during a 3-day coaching workshop I conducted in Sarasota, FL. Over the course of three days, I taught six high school girls and boys every individual aspect of the game. Each skill began as if the players were new to the game and finished with advanced position specific skills. We filmed it all with a floor camera and an aerial camera. Then we went into the studio where we spent several hundred hours editing all that camera footage, created voice-overs using the exact text from the book, put in graphics and created a 2-disc, 4-hour teaching DVD that has been called, “one of the most highly detailed basketball teaching products on the market… and the tool every youth basketball coach needs to have.”

I followed up the e-Books and DVD with my One-on-One Online Basketball Mentoring program for coaches and players, to help them understand the things I am teaching and to be able to use them correctly so they can move to a higher level of basketball skill.

If a person is just getting started as a youth basketball coach whether coaching girls or boys, where do they turn to get the information they'll need? If a coach has been working for a while in youth basketball, and wants to move forward, to take his or her teaching abilities to a higher level, what do they do and where do they go?

It is too bad that so often the best and most knowledgeable teachers are at the higher levels of basketball play, while all too often the youth are being guided (often misguided) by well-meaning coaches who don’t have much of a handle on teaching the game.

Most volunteer youth basketball coaches don’t have the time or opportunity to travel to the many coaching clinics, workshops, college seminars or training camps that are held all around the United States. And, if a coach lives in another country where there isn’t much opportunity for coach training—what will they do there for the information they need? I spent years traveling to spread coaching knowledge in other countries. Now, I can virtually teach anyone who has a computer with my body of coaching know-how through my website. Already, I have reached coaches in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, the UK and places in Africa.

Most of those moms and dads, who perhaps got drafted to teach their kids’ teams, don't have the access to receive coaching education. A coaches mentor may be their solution.

Coach Ronn Wyckoff has spent more than fifty years in basketball. As an international consultant, his programs have reached hundreds of players and coaches around the world. He has coached four national teams and conducted national player camps. In forty-plus years of coaching boys, girls, men and women, from the playgrounds to national teams, they won over 70% of their games. The international club teams he coached won over 80%.

His 4-hour teaching DVD, "Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing", has received high praise. His soon to be released book of the same title has received accolades from those who have reviewed it, as being unique in it's detailed approach to teaching life lessons through the teaching of the game, as well as teaching coaches how to teach fundamentals.

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