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Youth Basketball Leagues

Billiards leagues are billiards related organizations which are formed to support specific groups within the billiards industry. Most of them are player-oriented, but a number of them exist to support specific vendor and manufacturer organizations. The activity of each league contributes to the overall popularity of billiards not only in the United States but throughout the world.

Billiards leagues hold billiards events in which amateurs get an opportunity to play for huge prize funds. Leagues can be formed by anyone including a pool table vending company, a billiard club owner, or a group of players who want to construct a business by providing league services to the players. The aim of these leagues is to enhance the success of members and to promote the game of billiards. Most of them provide programs for people of all ages. Junior programs focus on America?s youth to create a new generation of players.

Billiards leagues are a good starting point for anyone with professional objectives. These offer a strong foundation in the game, before a player goes on to local, regional, and finally national tournaments. The schedules for billiards leagues can start at any time of the year and can be of any duration. The most common leagues are summer leagues (June to August) - which run for 8-12 weeks and winter leagues - September to March. Some of them run round the year in three or four sessions of 10-14 weeks each.

Billiard Congress of America, United States Billiard Association, Lone star Pool League, Panther Pool League, American Pool players Association, and Valley National 8-Ball League Association are some of the popular Billiards leagues in the United States. Local Pool League (LPL) is a Handicap league in Oklahoma City.

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