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Youth Football Exercises

The answer may be the Single Wing Offense, it has helped many youth teams everywhere put up numbers like this. My own teams have 'mercy ruled" over 80% of our opponents in the last 6 seasons using this amazing offense. Our record in fall football for these teams was an incredible 62-2.

In 2002 We put the Single Wing in across the board with all four of our age 8-10 teams. Our coaches had zero experience running Single Wing yet we went a combined 38-8 that year and won 2 League Titles. The previous year we had had won 1 league Title and went a combined 19- 27. The following season our records were even better as we got better at coaching. Youth Football turnarounds do not have to take 4-5 years IMHO.

The best thing to do is get ahold of some youth single wing video of a well coached team and see for yourself. In 2001 I got ahold of Eric Strutzes State Line Comets video. Eric was a relatively young football coach and had not even played the game. His teams marched up and down the field with what appeared to be average youth football talent and average to small size. That sold me and then it was research and experimentation time.

There are countless coaches that have had great success right out of the gate with the Single Wing Offense including a bunch in my Testimonials page. But recent poll I asked the question of over 50 Single Wing Youth Coaches:

What was your teams winning percentage the first year you ran the Single Wing offense?

So over 53% of first year Single Wing teams in this poll won 70+ % of their games. Not bad at all.Only 23% had losing records.

Here are poll results for the question: How hard was it for you to install the Single Wing Offense the First Year?

Easy, NO problem-46%
Somewhat Easy- 33%
Average Level of Difficulty- 15%
Difficult- 5%
Gave Up Impossible- 5%

There are countless coaches that have had great success right out of the gate with the Single Wing Offense.Take a look at our scores over the past 6 seasons.

Simple, easy to put in and it wins, what more could you ask for?

This article was brought to you by Dave Cisar. Dave is a nationally known expert in the area of youth football coaching. He is a featured speaker at the Mega and Nike Coaching Clinics and is author of the book "Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan" which was endorsed by Tom Osborne. His teams have compiled an amazing 97% wins in fall football using this system. For more info and Dave's book and DVD’s please stop here:
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Dave Cisar- Founder and President of Screaming Eagles in Omaha and Lincoln, areas in Nebraska a youth football program serving over 400 boys age 6-14. With over 15 years of hands-on experience as a youth coach, Dave has developed a detailed systematic approach to developing youth players and teams that has enabled his personal teams to win 97% of their games in 5 Different Leagues at all levels and age groups while retaining 90% of his kids.

Dave is a trainer of youth football coaches nationwide. He has a passion for developing youth coaches so they can in turn develop teams that are competitive and well organized, while having fun and retaining players. His book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan” was endorsed by Tom Osborne and Dave Rimington. His DVDs and book have been used by teams nationwide to run integrity based programs that win championships. His web site is and he can be reached at