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Youth Football In El Paso

If you are visiting the city of El Paso chances are good that you plan on doing something outdoors. El Paso has a number of famous outdoor destinations for you to enjoy and can be a dream for anyone who loves nature. If you have done the nature thing and would like something else to do, I have just the ticket. Why not visit the El Paso Museum of Art. It is a great place to visit where you can both learn and be entertained.

The El Paso Museum of Art is a great museum with a regional flair. It has a number of pieces of work on display that represent both the beauty of the local culture and natural environment present in El Paso. There are five permanent galleries located in the museum and a majority of those are dedicated to the cultures that have influenced the area. For example, one exhibit features work from thirteenth to the eighteenth century Europe, one represents early American works from the nineteenth and twentieth century and yet another features work from Mexican art from the seventeenth to nineteenth century. The museum also plays host to a number of other traveling exhibits. There is always something new on display which helps to keep the museum fresh and new. So even if you have been to the museum in the past you will find something new to see. If you have never been to the museum you will have even more to enjoy. The El Paso Museum of Art is truly a must see attraction.

If you would like to visit the museum you can find it at 1 Arts Festival Plaza in El Paso. For more information or to get current hours or learn about current exhibits you can call the museums information line at 915-532-1707. Have fun.

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