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Youth Football Tournaments

Playing in the office fantasy football pool with a cost of $20 and a pool of $240 ain't even close to what the big boys play for.

The stakes are higher but the winnings are really high. As an example, first place winner of the World Championship of Fantasy Football WCOF - gets $200,000 dollars plus a crystal trophy and trip to Miami.

As always, the downside is you need to put down money. In the example above its going to cost you $1495. You will also have to show up either in Las Vegas or Atlantic City on draft day. The competition is plenty. In the WCOF, there are 70 leagues with 12 teams a piece.

There are more prizes than just the grand prizes in all these Fantasy Football Tournaments. In the WCOF, just being the league champion gives you $6000 - plus if you get 15th place overall you get $2900 and it rises to $200,000 for the top player. The list goes on and on for other opportunities to win back your money and more.

Fantasy Football has come along way. Who would of thought people could make a living on fantasy football? But then who would of thought 10 years ago poker would be televised on ESPN with winners making a million dollars. For a list of more high roller fantasy football tournaments take a look at

Are you ready for some fantasy football?

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