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Youth Soccer Volunteer Position Descriptions

Coaching a soccer team is rough for the first time coach. While some may have previously played soccer or even Assistant Coached in the past, being the Head Coach brings a whole new level or responsibility.

As the leader of the team, you will be responsible for making the final decision in practices and in games. This position also requires you to plan out a practice schedule that will help your team evolve into better soccer players, both individually and as part of a team.

All these roles come with the added pressure of expectations from players and their parents, that is enough to make even the toughest individual, crack. For this purpose, I have put together a book with soccer practice plans that will make each of your jobs as a coach much more manageable. If you are short on the resources to plan effective soccer practices, i.e. time or knowledge, my book will help you immensely and possibly take your team all the way to the top.

The soccer drill book comes with 20 Differentpre-planned soccer practices that cover each and every topic, skill and situation that you will come across during the season. If you follow my soccer practice plans, your players will learn and enjoy the game, their parents will be happy and you will have succeeded in virtually all of your responsibilities as a head coach.

Youth soccer is more competitive then ever before and if you donít have a plan for soccer practice, your players will pay the price.

If you are a volunteer soccer coach, you owe it to your players to challenge and inspire their play. Soccer Season Outsourced, written by Scott Carlson, will help you transform your team from a bunch of individuals into the powerhouse of your league.

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